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株式会社やる気スイッチグループホールディングス(本社:東京都中央区、社長:高橋 直司、以下、やる気スイッチグループHD)と名古屋鉄道株式会社(本社:愛知県名古屋市、社長:髙﨑 裕樹、以下、名古屋鉄道)は次の通り資本提携いたしました。


やる気スイッチグループは「全世界一人ひとりの”宝石”を見つけること、そしてそれを輝かせることを全力でサポートし、人々が”やる気スイッチ”を入れ、”自分力”を発揮しながら幸せに生きる社会の創造に貢献する」というグループ理念を掲げ、事業会社である総合教育サービス会社の株式会社やる気スイッチグループの下、40年以上にわたる指導ノウハウを活かして、個別指導塾「スクールIE®」や英語で預かる学童保育「Kids Duo®」、バイリンガル幼児園「キッズデュオインターナショナル(KDI: Kids Duo International®)」をはじめとした7つのスクールブランドを展開。現在国内外で2,000以上の教室を展開し、11万人以上の生徒を擁しています。

―譲受け株式数 / 普通株式36,500株
―発行済株式総数に対する割合 / 1.00%
―完全希薄化考慮後の株式総数(※)に対する比率 / 0.94%
―譲受け金額 / 300,030,000円

会社名:株式会社やる気スイッチグループホールディングス(YARUKI Switch Group Holdings, Co., Ltd.)
代表者:代表取締役社長 高橋 直司
所在地 :東京都中央区八丁堀二丁目24-2 八丁堀第一生命ビル

会社名:名古屋鉄道株式会社(Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd)
代表者:代表取締役社長 髙﨑 裕樹
所在地 :愛知県名古屋市中村区名駅一丁目2-4


株式会社やる気スイッチグループホールディングスは、総合教育サービス会社の株式会社やる気スイッチグループの持株会社として、グループが展開する個別指導塾「スクールIE®」や知能育成(知育)と受験対策の幼児教室「チャイルド・アイズ®」、子ども向け英語・英会話スクール「WinBe®(ウィンビー)」、英語で預かる学童保育「Kids Duo®(キッズデュオ)」、幼児・小学生向けスポーツ教室「忍者ナイン®」、バイリンガル幼児園「キッズデュオインターナショナル(KDI: Kids Duo International®)」「アイキッズスター(i Kids Star®)」の7つのスクールブランドを中心とした教室運営・フランチャイズ事業を統括します。
やる気スイッチグループは現在、国内外で2,000以上の教室を展開し、11万人以上の子どもたちの学びをサポート。2020年にはプログラミング教育「HALLO powered by Playgram x やる気スイッチ™」「英語みらいラボ 能見台」「思考力ラボ」といった新しい学びのサービスを立ち上げました。一人ひとりが持つ”宝石”を見つけ、その無限の可能性を引き出すことで、世界中の子どもたちの夢と人生を応援します。
やる気スイッチグループはまた、2021年10月に発表された第39回 日経MJサービス業調査の学習塾・予備校部門の売上高ランキングで首位となりました。公式サイトURL:https://www.yarukiswitch.jp/  

NEWS RELEASE:  Capital alliance between YARUKI Switch Group Holdings and Nagoya Railroad

YARUKI Switch Group Holdings (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Naoshi Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as “YARUKI Switch Group HD”) and Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya city, Aichi; President: Hiroki Takasaki, hereinafter referred to as “Nagoya Railroad”) have formed the capital alliance as follows.

Nagoya Railroad will invest in us by purchasing 1.00% of the number of issued shares in YARUKI Switch Group HD from the Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “AP Fund”) to which Advantage Partners Co., Ltd., a shareholder of YARUKI Switch Group HD, provides its service.

With this alliance, both companies will expand and develop the YARUKI Switch Brands in the Chukyo and the Tokai areas, contributing to increased value in those regions.

YARUKI Switch Group’s group philosophy of “Finding the jewel within every single child of the world and providing full support to make that jewel shine, consequently contributing to a society in which individuals live happily by performing to the best of their abilities” and over 40 years of teaching know-how from its general education business company YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd has allowed it to develop 7 different school brands, including the individual education cram school “School IE ®”, the all-English afterschool care “Kids Duo ®” and the bilingual kindergarten “Kids Duo International ® -KDI-”. It currently has over 2,000 schools globally and serves over 110,000 students under those brands.

◆ Capital participation overview
Nagoya Railroad will purchase shares in YARUKI Switch Group HD owned by AP Fund as of March 23rd, 2022 as stipulated below.

– Number of transferred shares: 36,500 Common Shares
– Percentage of transferred shares to issued shares: 1.00%
– Percentage of total shares after considering total dilution(※):0.94%
– Transfer price: ¥300,030,000
※Total number of shares after all of YARUKI Switch Group HD’s share options have been exercised

YARUKI Switch Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
Company name:YARUKI Switch Group Holdings, Co., Ltd.
Representative:President and CEO Naoshi Takahashi
Business activities:The following activities as the holding company for YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd.
Management of individual education cram schools, English conversation schools, early childhood education and childcare facilities of the Group under this holding company and management of their franchises and any and all incidental or related work
Established:January 2020
Capital:100 million yen (as of March 31st 2021)
Head office addressHatchobori Daiichi Seimei Bldg, 2-24-2 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.
Company Name:Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd
Representative:President and CEO Hiroki Takasaki
Business Activities:Owns part of the transport network in Aichi and Gifu, as the sole major private railroad operating in the Chubu area. As a Group company, they focus on transportation but have developed their businesses to shipping, real estate, leisure and services, distribution and airway services.
Foundation:June 1894
Head office address:1-2-4 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi


About YARUKI Switch Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
As the holding company of general education service company YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd., YARUKI Switch Group Holdings Co., Ltd. supervises the franchise business and the management of schools across the 7 brands of individual education cram school “School IE”, intellectual training and entrance exam preparatory school for early childhood “Child Eyes”, English conversation school for children “WinBe”, afterschool care program in English “Kids Duo”, sports school for kindergarteners and elementary school students “Ninja 9” and bilingual kindergartens “Kids Duo International® -KDI-” and “i Kids Star”.
Originally founded in 1989, YARUKI Switch Group currently supports the education of over 110,000 students in over 2,000 schools. In 2020, new services such as the programming school “HALLO” powered by Playgram x YARUKI Switch™, the “Future English Lab Noukendai” and the “Thinking Power Lab”. We support the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the jewel within each and every single one and drawing their infinite potential. YARUKI Switch Group has also become the top ranking in sales on the 39th Nikkei MJ Service Industry Research on the Cram School and Preparatory School category, announced in October of 2021. Official Website URL: https://www.yarukiswitch.jp/

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